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Dual-head Visual Positionning Laser Machine

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  • Brand:    M&D
  • Type:    LMxxxxxxCD2
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60watts, 80watts, 100watts, 130watts

Model Working Size (mm) Machine Size (mm)
LM9060CD2 900*600 1470*1110*1100
LM1060CD2 1000*600 1570*1140*1100
LM1390CD2 1300*900 1870*1440*1100
LM1280CD2 1200*800 1770*1360*1100
LM1480CD2 1400*800 1970*1360*1100
LM1610CD2 1600*1000 2170*1560*1100
LM1810CD2 1800*1000 2370*1560*1100

Motor Type 2-phase Stepper
Driver Maker Leadshine,
CO2 Laser Tube Maker
Motion Controller and Software MD1224, KKLaserCut,
Supported File Formats PLT, HPG, AI, DXF, DST, SPL, NC, CNC, BMP, DIB
Control Panel (HMI) 3.5-inch Colourful TFT, Drawing Preview, Laser-head Real-track
Applicable Materials Textile, Leather, Wood, Paper, Acrylic, Epoxy Resin, Wool, Plastic, Bamboo, Fiber Glass, Ceramics, Marble
Working Speed 0 0.5m/s
Power Supply AC220V±10%

This machine is able to capture the image by the visual CCD camera. The software recognizes the multi-image in the work piece and cuts the outline cautomatically.
Thanks to the powerful motion controller hardware and application software, this machine features all cutting and engraving functions as the normal laser machine along with the visual cutting function.
Besides of the above specifications, the other specifications are available under request.

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